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"Port Terminal Nikopol" is part of a public transport port of national importance Ruse, and is located on the south (right) bank of the Danube river from river km. 597.900 km to river km. 597.550 from the mouth of the Danube river in the western part of the town of Nikopol, Pleven District, on the Pan-European Transport Corridor No 7 (Rhine-Main-Danube Canal). "Port Terminal Nikopol" was designed, built and put into operation in 2008. Its total area is 17,642 sq. m. Within the territory of the terminal there is a border checkpoint, customs office, phytosanitary control point etc. Cargoes to and from the port are transported by road and waterway.

The port terminal is in an operable state, for which An operability certificate No 13005 from 30.05.2014 has been issued by the Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications. By virtue of a Port registration certificate No 175/04.06.2014, "Port Terminal Nikopol" has been inscribed in the Ports register of the Republic of Bulgaria, in a register book kept by Directorate "Maritime Administration – Ruse".


   Parameters of the port terminal:

  Berths – 2;
  Total length of berths – 130 m;
  No indoor storage area;
  No outdoor storage area;
  Number of shore mooring equipment – 15;
  Port el. networks and equipment – yes;
  Water supply network – yes;
  Drainage network – yes;
  Fire fighting system – yes;
  Navigation control tower, Administrative Building, Premises for indoor disinfection, Premises for a detailed customs check, Offices with a public toilet.


   Facilities and networks:

   The overall infrastructure of the site includes the following hydraulic structures and networks subject to the concession:

  An inclined “Ro-Ro” ramp;
  Retaining wall on the Danube river side;
  Land development of the approaches to and from the site;
  Land approaches and hydraulic structures;
  Linear engineering networks of transport, water supply, sewerage, power supply, telecommunications;
  Safety and security equipment.
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