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Bulgarian River Shipping J.S.Co. was established on 17th of March 1935. The beginning of Danube navigation was set with opening a regular passenger and cargo line between ports of Ruse and Vidin with reconstructed steam tugboats “Vit” and “Osym”.

Originally, the company was named “Coastal River Navigation”. Later on, with special law, issued on 31st May 1940, it was transformed into a separate company - Bulgarian River Shipping J.S.Co. based in Ruse. Only a few years later its activities expanded and fleet replenished.

In the beginning of the World War II, the company owned some state of the art vessels, including 4 cargo and refrigerator ships, 3 huge luxurious passenger vessels, ferryboat for wagons and passengers between Bulgaria and Romania, tugboats and barges.

After the World War II, Bulgarian River Shipping J.S.Co. initiated extensive construction of series of vessels in domestic shipyards in Ruse, Burgas and Varna and in some other European shipyards as well.

In the beginning of the 90s the fleet of Bulgarian River Shipping J.S.Co. consisted of more than 300 vessels – pushers, passenger ships, open top and covered barges, oil tanks, specialized barges, Ro-Ro barges, etc.

Nowadays Bulgarian River Shipping J.S.Co. is among the most prestigious and celebrated shipowners along the Danube river. The company transports cargoes among Danube river countries and transits them between Western and Eastern Europe – from Sulina and Constanta on the Black Sea to Main on Rhein river and vice versa.





  Company Profile | Services | Fleet | Contacts



Bulgarian River Shipping J.S.Co.

“Otetz Paisii “ sq. No. 2

Russe 7000

Fax: +359 (82) 822 130; 822 139

Ph. exchange: +359 (82) 833 777


CEO: +359 (82) 822 133
Accountancy: +359 (82) 822 132
Commercial Department: +359 (82) 822 151; 822 152
Dispatchers: +359 (82) 822 123


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